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    Painting, sanding, nailing, sewing, collecting and writing.

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    A wife and mother, Theisen said that her work "is figurative, but not necessarily about the form." Instead, a figure portrayed in one of her works "is used to evoke an emotion and narrate a story," she wrote on the Web site. "The physical process of creating is an integral part of my work." Painting, sanding, nailing, sewing, collecting and writing ( all are pieces of the solution that is Theisen's art, she said. A California native who has lived in Crystal for seven years, she comes from a family of women who sew. Theisen continually looks for objects, fabrics and what others might consider "rubbish" for inclusion in her work. "Each piece is about longing, perception of self, and/or relationships," she said. Theisen avoids the "starving artist" lifestyle with a full-time job in the fixture design department at Target Corp. Working with a team of designers, she helps design fixtures for Marshall Field's stores, a job that is aided by her strong retail background, she said.

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